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The International Network of Women in Emergency Management (inWEM) is an international organization of recognized professional women engaged in the industries of emergency management, homeland security, business continuity and associated professions within the whole community to creating and promoting global economic and social stability through protection, preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery, as well as academics and research in the field.  inWEM members engage in partnerships, networking, mentoring, internships, training and symposiums, public affairs, speaking engagements, outreach, and special events. The organization recognizes career milestones of its members and practitioners, highlights role models, and supports other professional organizations in the field.



Supporting the increase and advancement of Women Leaders in the industry to create global emergency management partnerships and networks; which promotes safer, resilient, sustainable, and diverse communities for economic and social stability.



Our mission is to advance the numbers and capabilities of women Leaders in this profession to:


  • Positively impact the lives of those affected by emergencies and disasters;
  • Elevate the status of women in the field through partnerships, mentoring, training, education, and internships;
  • Recruit young Women into the profession for the sustainment of this organization and its objectives, and to advance their career opportunities while providing avenues for their contributions;
  • Encourage research and publications: and
  • Recognize the accomplishments and contributions of women in this profession globally.



inWEM members are professional women from all levels of government, military, critical infrastructures, business and private sectors, health and human services, faith based, volunteer, community based, and non-profit organizations, and academia who represent integrated emergency management and its related professions around the world.