2013 Inductees

We are pleased to announce the 2013 International Women in Homeland Security and Emergency Management Hall of Fame Inductees


2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

The inductees are:

1818    Ms. Molly Williams, the first female firefighter in the United States. (USA)


1940s  Dr. Rosa Lee Slade Gragg (1904 – 1989), under President Roosevelt, was appointed to the National Advisory Board of the Federal Office of Civil Defense and the only African American to serve on the Board of the National Volunteer’s Participation Committee of Civil Defense.  She also helped to establish Detroit’s first Civilian Defense Office. (USA)


1983    Ms. Mary Schoenfeldt, a pioneer in school crisis response, disaster stress management, public education and emergency management in the State of Washington (USA)


1983    Ms. Eileen Unger, a trailblazer in utility storm restoration, emergency management, emergency preparedness, engineering and construction (USA)


1992    Dr. Elaine Enarson, one of the first female, disaster sociologists, on gender and disasters; co-founder of the global Gender and Disaster Network (1997); and founder/facilitator of the US Gender and Disaster Resilience Alliance (2009) (USA)


2000    Dr. Betty Morrow, organized and sponsored the first International Conference on Women in Emergency Management (USA)


2000    Ms. Ana-Marie Jones, author and innovator behind Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters (CARD), creating trailblazing, research-based, fear-free approaches to preparedness for vulnerable and other marginalized communities (USA)


2004    Ms. Mary Anne McKown, senior planning lead, in support of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, in writing, comment adjudication, and synthesis of the seminal national doctrine and documents to include the 2004 National Response Plan, the 2007 National Response Framework, the 2012 National Response Framework, and the National Planning System (USA)


2004     Dr. Brenda D. Phillips, one of the first women worldwide to attain full professorship in an emergency management program in the Department of Political Science, at Oklahoma State University  (USA)


2004    Chief Debra Pryor (Ret.), the nation’s second African American Fire Chief and the City of Berkeley, CA’s first female firefighter, paramedic and paramedic supervisor, and the first woman to hold the titles of lieutenant, captain, assistant chief, deputy chief and fire chief  (USA)


2005    Ms. Kathy Cook, the first female Government Relations Specialist for the U.S. Small Business Administration’s newly formed Field Operations Center – East. (USA)


2009     Chief Toni B. Washington is the first African American and first female to become Fire Chief in the City of Decatur, Georgia (USA)


2010    Ms. Pamela L’Heureux, the first president of IAEM-USA Council representing volunteer emergency management, York County Emergency Management Agency and Town of Waterboro, Maine.  (USA)


2010    Ms. JoAnna Larsen became the first female professional emergency manager for the State of Utah Department of Health and, in 2011, was elected to lead the Utah Emergency Management Association as its president.  (USA)


2011    Dr. Kiki Caruson, first female, Assistant Vice President for Research, Innovation and Global Affairs, University of South Florida, with research and applied expertise regarding complex emergencies and cascading hazard events (USA)


2011    Ms. Cherrie Black, first female chair elected to the DHS’ State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Government Coordinating Council (SLTTGCC) (USA)


2011    Judge Renée Cardwell Hughes (Ret.), one of the first, African American females,  Regional Chief Executive Officers for the American Red Cross (USA)


2012    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (DST), Emergency Response Team (DST-ERT), one of the first Greek Letter organizations to officially establish an Emergency Response Team.  (USA)


2012    Ms. Andrea Berwind Davis, first female Director of Global Crisis Management and Business Continuity for The Walt Disney Company (USA)