Benard Dew

In Memory

Benard “Ben” Dew

Bernard "Ben" Dew

Bernard “Ben” Dew
Photo date: October 22, 2005
Photographer: FEMA / Robert Kaufmann

Emergency Management Program Specialist

Recovery Branch – Human Services

Community Relations Program Manger

Department of Homeland Security

Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA


Benard “Can” Dew, spent his entire career, committed to the disaster recovery process at the local, state and national levels, starting with the Washington State Emergency Management Division (29 years), and ended with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region 10 (14 years).  Ben trained, coached and mentored countless employees in proper community outreach and Individual Assistance programs.  Ben’s compassion for disaster survivors is reflected in the program he created, “Neighbors Helping Neighbors,” later evolving to “People Helping People.”  This program resulted from Ben’s awareness of community literacy issues impacting the return rate of disaster loan applications.  Ben solicited local clergy to partner with FEMA addressing this significant problem. Ben leaves behind a legacy of disaster recovery initiatives/programs.