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2013 Induction Ceremony Program


2013 Theme:  “Celebrating Women Torch Bearers and Trailblazers” 


More information about the upcoming Hall of Fame Ceremony can be found here.


Honorary Chairpersons:                                 Hon. Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, Delegate

Maryland House of Delegations


Ms. Elizabeth B. Armstrong, CAE

Chief Executive Officer

International Association of Emergency Managers


Mr. Ellis M. Stanley Sr., Executive Vice

President, Hammerman & Gainer International, Inc.


Hall of Fame Co-Chairpersons                      Ms. Kay C. Goss, CEM, 1st Vice President

Dr. Jacqueline McBride, CEM, CPM, President


Hosts of Ceremony                                         Ms. Kay C. Goss, CEM, 1st Vice President

Ms. Evelyn Rising, 2nd Vice President


Parade of Colors                                             Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Citizen Corps Volunteer Program Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.)

Invocation                                                       Major Carol Busroe
Liaison to Emergency Disaster Services

The Salvation Army


“God Bless America” Presentation                Recording by Celine Dion


Welcome                                                        Mr. Ellis M. Stanley Sr., IAEM-Global Board Chair

Mr. Jeff Walker, CEM, IAEM-USA President


Mr. Christopher B. Smith

Chief of Nevada Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security Advisor to Governor Brian Sandoval


Ms. Cathy Ludwig, Deputy Director of the Washoe County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security


Salute to Nevada’s “Silver Lady”

Former U.S. Rep. Barbara F. Vucanovich




Reception                                                        Special Awards Tribute



Tribute and Honorable Mention                            Ms. Angeles Morillo Thompson

“Neighbors Who Make a Difference” Award           Ms. Chalice Dew-Johnson, Daughter of Mr. Benard “Ben” Dew, former Community Relations Cadre Managers FEMA Regions II and X, respectively


Introduction of Guests


Introduction of Guest Speaker                       Ms. Kay C. Goss, CEM


Guest Speaker                                                 Dr. Christine G. Springer
Director – Executive Master of Science in Crisis and Emergency Management
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Introduction of Past Inductees                       Ms. Annie Searle, 2011 Hall of Fame Inductee



Tribute to 2013 Honorees                              Presentational Salute to the 2013 Inductees

The Red Well Media Group


Induction Ceremony                                       Ms. Kay C. Goss, CEM & Ms. Evelyn Rising


Sponsors’ Certificates of Appreciation


President’s Message                                       Dr. Jacqueline McBride


Benediction                                                    Major Carol Busroe