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September is National Preparedness Month

The International Network of Women in Emergency Management (inWEM), President, Dr. Jacqueline McBride, CEM, CPM, CBI, CVA and Love, Peace and Prosperity International, Inc. (LPPI) launched their campaign to join 10th annual National Preparedness Month (NPM) and Ready Campaign.   This collaborative effort will encourage their members to reach out to individuals, families, neighbors, and vulnerable population within our communities and promote the importance of creating a culture of emergency preparedness, resiliency, and sustainability. In support of NPM, inWEM and LPPI have prepared and is sharing with their partners, a complementary “2013 Emergency Preparedness Resources’ Guide” which is available here:  Join us today.

2013 Emergency Preparedness Resources

In support of National Preparedness Month, and as a valued partner with Love, Peace and Prosperity International, Inc., we offer your organization this complimentary preparedness resource.  Please feel free to share with your members, family members, and neighbors; “Communities Helping Communities, Neighbors 2 Neighbors”.

According to FEMA, “Last year, over 21,000 members of our National Preparedness Community coordinated 1,573 preparedness events engaging 1.5 million Americans in preparedness activities during National Preparedness Month.”  Building on last year’s success, you are invited to join 29,800 plus National Preparedness Community members, download the Tool Kit below, and coordinate a National Preparedness Month activity.  Pledge To Prepare:  Join Today!!!  National Preparedness Community

The National Preparedness Community
Join LPPI and become a member of the Private Sector, Faith-Based Organizations, and First Responders’ Communities of Practice of the National Preparedness Community.  Use the Community of Practice groups to connect with other members like to you to share best practices, develop preparedness plans, and help each other prepare more efficiently and effectively.” Access the NPC resources here


National Preparedness Month 2013 Toolkit (September)

“The National Preparedness Month (NPM) 2013 Toolkit includes suggestions for activities and events that state, local, tribal and territorial governments, business, non-governmental organizations, and community organizations could sponsor to promote NPM. This toolkit also includes templates and drafts of newsletter articles, blogs, posters, and other collateral material that you are able to use in various outreach efforts.”  Access the NPM Toolkit here


FEMA, CDC, and ARC Ready and Preparedness Campaigns

Access here to Be Informed on what to do before, during, and after an emergency

Access eCards below and send to family members, friends, and neighbors, today!

Caring is Preparing

Calm Before the Storm

Stay Informed during Emergencies

Access here to Plan and Protect Your Family

Access here to   Prepare, Plan And Stay Informed for Emergencies

Access here to Build A Kit

Access here to prepare A Basic Emergency Supply Kit

Access here to Evacuate Yourself and Your Family

Access here to Get Involved

Access here for Fun and Games for Kids

Access here to Plan for and Protect Your Business and Prepare My Business

Access here ARC Preparedness Campaign Click here

Access here CDC Preparedness Campaign Click here


Ready Campaign Translations: Click here


Hurricane Preparedness Tools


Emergency Preparedness and “Ready” Social Media Tools

  • To connect to  Ready on Twitter, click here
  • To connect to FEMA Preparedness Activities, click here
  • To connect with your state Office of Emergency Management, click here
  • To connect to the National Hurricane Center’s mobile site, click here
  • To connect to the American Red Cross’ mobile site, click here
  • To connect with FEMA via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog, App, Text Program, Mobile Site
  • To connect to the FEMA Regional Operations’ site, click here
  • To connect to the FEMA Office of Disability Integration & Coordination site, click here
  • To connect to the U. S. Environmental & Protection Agency site, click here
  • To connect to the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention’s mobile site, click here
  • To connect to the U. S. Small Business Administration, Click here

Caring for Kids in a Disaster

Check out these resources to help kids stay safe in an emergency.  To access resources, click each link: Ready Wrigley, Zombie Pandemic, Flat Stella and Flat Stanley, Hidden Treasures, Youth Preparedness Council


Managing Traumatic Stress: Tips for Recovering from Disasters and other Traumatic Events

The American Psychological Association offers tips on “Understanding normal responses to these abnormal events can aid you in coping effectively with your feelings, thoughts and behaviors, and help you along the path to recovery.” Access APA’s 2013 Tip Sheet here


Certification and Training

CERT:  Contact information and training

FEMA Training:  Access site here

Association of Emergency Managers’ Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) and Associate Emergency Manager (AEM): Click here