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From Hall of Fame Inductee Frances K. Dias:

 1971 — Frances K. Dias, first female Regional Director for the Defense Civil Preparedness Agency (DCPA), Department of Defense (DoD), precursor to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS)   (USA)


 I’m flabbergasted!!! To have such an outstanding piece of art arrive at my door step was unbelievable!  Because I have no other addresses for the officers or those responsible for such a creation of beauty, I am writing you in hopes that you can pass my letter on to anyone responsible for the “choice” of memento as for including me in a list of recipients.

Early work to build the program [emergency management] was a pleasure and contributed to my livelihood.  Nothing so grand was even in my dreams, speaking of the honor bestowed.

Please let it be known to anyone interested that I am beyond being “pleased” and in a trance to be the recipient of such a beautiful memento.  Additionally the work [emergency management] itself was so worth-while and so long ago that I feel deeply honored.

Frances Dias


 From: Rosalita M. Whitehair:

Congratulations!  Welcome aboard. We definitely are a women of a different breed. To stand up and provide direction when no one else is willing. To be able to provide support to thousands immediately, even though we may not have any guidance because no one has been in our field to give us direction ourselves. We may not have all the roads clear for ourselves, but we will do all we can to clear the path for those that follow. We are paving the way for our generations to come. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others and ask your sisters here for help. Hang in there, it will get tough. But we InWEM Women are tougher.

Rosalita M. Whitehair
Director, Department of Emergency Management

Navajo Nation

From: Rosemary R. Cloud

Inductees of the 2013 International Network of Women in Emergency Management (InWEM), Hall of Fame, it is with great pleasure that I greet you. Your selection for this distinguished honor is one that will be cherished a lifetime and appropriately as InWEM is known to recognize women trailblazers and those who have become distinguished leaders across a prism of areas from Emergency Management and Homeland Security on State, Local and Federal levels to private and nonprofit sectors, academia and the military. The journey for Women has not been easy.  However, due to courage, tenacity and faith Women have made great strides and overcome tremendous barriers.  As you reflect on your career at this milestone and take time to appreciate the challenges you have overcome, I personally salute each of you and wish you continued success. “


Rosemary R. Cloud
East Point (Georgia) Fire Chief

From: Tyra L. Gore

Congratulations! You are a powerful reminder of the great things women can do and considered an inspiration to all. Your recognition brings honor not only to you, but to the entire Emergency Management industry of which you are such an illustrious representative. Your valuable contribution to Emergency Management, as well as, education, healthcare and public safety impacts thousands and transforms communities everyday. May your accomplishments inspire you to even greater heights.
Tyra L. Gore, CEM
Assistant Territorial Disaster Coordinator
The Salvation Army – Southern Territory