2017 Board Members

Tyra L. Gore, CEM, Immediate Past President

Kay Collett Goss, CEM, Past President

Dr. Jacqueline McBride, CEM, CPM, CVA, CDRCC, Founder, President Emeritus, and Past President

Chaplain Lydia Gonzalez D’Ross, Advisor

Elizabeth Davis, JD., Ed.M, Advisor

Dr. Jacqueline McBride, Founder, President Emeritus, Past President

Dr. Jacqueline McBride, CEM, CPM, CVA, CDRCC, a 2015 graduate of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency (DHS/FEMA) Emergency Management Institute’s Executive Academy, has served more than 34 years as a leader and chief in federal, county, and municipal emergency management agencies.  She is a visionary, critical and analytical thinker, and strategic planner and problem solver, with extensive leadership and management experience in disaster resiliency and sustainability; disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery; homeland security, and business continuity.

Dr. McBride is currently a 22-year, career reservist, serving as a FEMA Disaster Survivor Assistance Branch Director. She is the first person and female appointed, by the State of New Jersey Department of Civil Service, as a deputy coordinator of emergency management. In 1991, she researched and published the first Emergency Managers and Leadership dissertation in the United States and is the first person, globally, to receive a Ph.D. in the field of emergency management/homeland security. She is Founder and President Emeritus of the International Network of Women in Emergency Management (inWEM), Founder of the International Women in Homeland Security and Emergency Management Hall of Fame, and Founder of the inWEM’s (virtual) Center for Women’s Leadership in Emergency Management, Homeland Security and Business Continuity.

In 1995, she served as a nongovernmental organization delegate at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China and presenter on women and emergency management. She co-founded the Atlantic County Advisory Commission on Women and Founder and Past President of the Atlantic County Women’s Hall of Fame. Dr. McBride is a former committee member on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Conversation on Public Health and Chemical Exposures and former Vice-President of the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City.  She is listed in many Who’s Who and Outstanding Young Women in America.

2017 Officers

Blythe Joy Patenaude, President

Vilmoe A. Schifano Milmoe, 1st Vice President

Judith Weshinskey-Price, 2nd Vice President

Chanpreet Kaur Singh, Secretary

Simran (Chanpreet) K. Singh is from California and currently lives in Tucson, Arizona. She has her Bachelor’s from University of Arizona. She has a M.S. in Healthcare Emergency Management from Boston University School of Medicine. Simran is getting her doctorate, D.Sc., in EM from Jacksonville State University. Simran works for a start-up EM consulting company. She did a couple of internships with the USDA, one in the Office of Emergency Management and one with the Food Distribution Division. She developed a nutritional guide to be used as a protocol by evacuation shelters in case of any emergency, ranging from natural disasters to terrorist attacks. The guide focused on foods that have nutrients to biologically help alleviate stress, provide longer sustainability in the body, and increase physical energy. Components of the guide were incorporated into the 2014 USDA Foods Program Disaster Manual. Her most current internship is with the Pima County Office of EM (2016- present). She is the IAEM GSC Secretary for 2017 and has been the president of the JSU IAEM chapter for the past two years, and currently in her 3rd year as president. Simran is also the Chair of the IAEM GSC Strategic Initiatives Committee.  She is the Secretary for inWEM for 2017. Simran’s various Emergency Management Research interests include: people with disabilities/AFN; developing comprehensive, holistic plans for deaf and blind schools; children in disasters; importance of mental health considerations within disaster response and recovery; international EM; homeland security; expansion of EM courses and degrees in universities.

Sharon R. Pellum, Treasurer